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Oracle Database Family

riyajshamsudeen Riyaj Shamsudeen Riyaj Shamsudeen has 18+ years of experience in Oracle and 16+ years as an Oracle DBA/Oracle Applications DBA. He is the principal DBA behind OraInternals ( - performance/recovery/EBS11i consulting company ). He specializes in RAC, Performance tuning and Database Internals and frequently blogs about them in . He has authored many articles such as internals of locks, internals of hot backups, redo internals etc. He also teaches in community colleges in Dallas such as North lake college and El Centro College. He is a proud member of The OakTable network and an Oracle ACE.

Riyaj is a well-known and respected expert in this area and has a thorough and deep understanding of Oracle Redo Internals and shares that knowledge with the audience in this presentation.


This 85-slide document gives a deep dive of Oracle Redo Internals and How-To tune it.

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