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Being twenty-wear goods shoes in the last two days of autumn that year, I repeated the request, his father fiercely heart, probably three or four dollars to buy me a pair of the liberation of rubber shoes, and soon catch up go commune Drama Theatre to participate in Chairman Mao'​s memorial service. back when the world rain, I was reluctant to new shoes stained with mud, barefoot Yazi carrying shoes to go back. Pair of the liberation of rubber shoes almost fill up the patch worn until the soles of the child was reluctant to throw away. Graduating from high school admitted to college, I was again put on the goods shoe, then the mother died soon, the home conditions are even worse, the father felt his son to the city to go to school, wear clumsy shoes look good on credit from the village supply and marketing cooperatives one pair of twill uppers white plastic hard bottom shoes, to work until the '​graduation took the wages I only then shoes money to return the people.

#3  On 19 Mar 2012 at 03:02 am by friend2012
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