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Services are a powerful but overlooked aspect of Oracle database configuration (for both RAC and non-RAC). We will discuss their advantages in cluster and single-instance databases from version 8i through 11g – incorporating several years of focused investigation and experience. Topics covered will range from a strategic overview of how services best fit into system architecture to in-depth configuration and functionality internals. We will also cover unexpected behavior, their impact on distributed db and parallel execution, their role in load balancing and failover, and new 11gR2 features that impact them. Participants will leave this session with a better understanding of how to use Oracle services for improving performance management and high availability for all of their Oracle databases.

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- Discover differences between services in single-instance and RAC environments. - Review the role of services in load balancing and failover. - Learn configuration internals and see services’ impact on distributed db and parallel execution.
Real Applications Clusters - Oracle
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360 Degree Overview
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60 Minutes
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