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SQL Developer, formerly Raptor, has until recently been shipped as an add on to the Oracle database. With Oracle 11g, Oracle has chosen to make SQL Developer the preferred development tool for Oracle developers and has phased out the GUI version of SQL Plus.

SQL Developer 3.0, in addition to robust programming tools, provides a very powerful source level debugger for PL/SQL. In addition to stepping through PL/SQL code, called local debugging, SQL Developer also allows remote debugging. In a remote debugging session, the developer sets up a listener so that procedures called by an external client application can be debugged.

In this presentation, I will walk through the steps of compiling with debug turned on, stepping through a locally running procedure and I will follow up with a remote debugging session executed from a client application.

Do you need to know exactly what is being executed when your application runs and you need to debugging it while the application is running? Or do you need to debug batch jobs that can't be called from the command line due to complex setup scenarios? Through out your DBMS_OUTPUT and use SQL Developer's remote debugging facility.

Find out how easy debugging can be, with SQL Developer.

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Attendees will learn the steps to debug both local and remote PL/SQL programs.
Database Development - Oracle
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How-To (Step by Step Guide)
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60 Minutes
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