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Each release of Oracle introduces new features to the SQL and PL/SQL languages some of which are designed to optimize performance, others of which are intended to improve programmer productivity. In many cases, using these new idioms will have definite performance implications. In this talk we'll look at new language features and how best to exploit them to achieve optimal performance. Topics covered will include:

* Using the PARTITION BY analytic function as an alternative to GROUP BY.
* New clauses in CONNECT BY hierarchical queries
* PIVOT and UNPIVOT performance
* DML enhancements such MERGE and multi-table INSERTS
* PLSQL Function caching, in-lining, native compilation and other 11g PLSQL optimizations

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The presentation will help attendees become more familiar with new features of Oracle 11g that can improve performance and will see how best to integrate this new features in their SQL and PL/SQL code.
Development - Oracle
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60 Minutes
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