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More and more, as DBAs are required to spend more time on business activities and less on design, the burden of designing databases falls to developers. It is important for developers to understand the best methods to access data, especially as databases, in general, are getting larger. Oracle 11g has enhanced many of these methods and one of the most important is partitioning.

Oracle Partitioning spreads data out allowing a more granular access. In addition to easing manageability of the data, partitioning may increase performance of large data sets and, in the right circumstances, partitioning will enhance availability.

This presentation will explain, in development terms, what partitioning is, how it works, how and when to use it, and the benefits that 11g can provide. Topics discussed will be:

Partitioning Types
Composite Types

Interval Partitions

Reference Partitions in 11g

Creating Partitions & Sub-Partitions

Indexing Partitioned Tables

Partition Maintenance & Statistics

Partition Keys and Partition Pruning

When to use Partitioning

This presentation is based on my real world usage of partitioning and on my podcast (sponsored by Oracle) on VLDB and Partitioning (updated for 11g).

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Presentation attendees will leave the presentation understanding what partitioning really is, how it can help them do their day to day job, and when it makes sense to use partitioning to solve problems.
Database - Oracle
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360 Degree Overview
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60 Minutes
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