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Oracle R12 Financials ONLINE Training by highly experienced and versatile faculty.

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IOUG Virtualization SIG: Virtualization Events at COLLABORATE12

Virtualization Events at COLLABORATE 12 - IOUG Forum Sunday 4-5pm IOUG Virtualization SIG Meet and ...

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Interview Question

Oracle Database Administration (DBA): 1. What is an Oracle Instance? 2. What information is stored in Control File? 3 ...

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Originality In Motion (OIM)

What is OIM?
Originality In Motion (OIM) is a BrainSurface Original Concept formulated under the BrainSurface Original Concept Initiative (OCI), focusing on providing pioneering solutions for difficult and complex mission-critical problems in the Oracle Technologies Domain. OIM not only takes into account, the technical aspect but also the human factor in determining the optimal solution for any given problem.

With creativity, originality and a drive to exel as its main ingredients, OIM focuses on employing industry-standard best-practices with optimal and fail-safe approaches, methods and procedures to craft end-user concepts, best-practices and deliverables that are robust and proven to stand the test of time. The OIM philosophy zeroes in on Ingenuity, Creativity and Collaboration to be at the core of each solution. BrainSurface aims at publishing OIM solutions and concepts for collaboration, improvement and reuse by the IT community.

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The Oracle 11g RACaThon Online Conference @BrainSurface



Latest Jobs

Posted Description Location Company
Oracle DBA and BI Dallas, Texas
United States
Odyssey Information Services
PL/SQL Datastage Developer Michigan, Ann Arbor
United States
Droisys Inc.
J2EE Developer/Tech Lead Position Detroit, MI
United States
Matri Services Group
Senior Data Warehouse Developer Natick, Massachusetts
United States
Oracle EBS Developer / Analyst Natick, Massachusetts
United States
Senior Data Warehouse Analyst Natick, Massachusetts
United States
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About BrainSurface | The Collaborative ConnectSpace for Oracle, Java & MySQL Professionals

BrainSurface is the most Powerful, Advanced & Extensible ConnectSpace for Oracle, Java & MySQL professionals and is built on and driven by the following themes: 


Next-Generation Social Networking               

State-of-the-Art IT Collaboration                 


BrainSurface is broadly aimed at sharing, collaborating and reusing all the edges of technology and technical/functional knowledge that, we come accross in our professional lives within the generalized realm of the Oracle, Java & MySQL communities. BrainSurface is the FIRST of its kind in bringing Social Networking and ALL known collaborative paradigms under one roof for this very purpose: Social Collaboration, Real-Time Chat, Document Publishing, Blogging in all its Variant forms, Videos, Discussions, Forums, Job Repository, Project Management and a whole lot more. All Collaboration and Social Networking components within BrainSurface are bleeding-edge, intuitive and feature-rich. Best of all: membership at BrainSurface is 100% FREE!


BrainSurface was founded and maintained by Tariq Farooq, an Oracle ACE Director based out of Dallas, TX.


BrainSurface is fully integrated with FaceBook & Twitter! In a nutshell, BrainSurface is aimed at being a comprehensive repository of Oracle technical/functional knowledge employing a collective and collaborative community effort, providing an in-depth insight into the exciting and adventurous realm of the Oracle community's homosapien species (the other species being the machines). BrainSurface was created with the following broad-based objectives:   



> Social Networking at its Ultimate Best!

> All known Collaboration Paradigms under one roof for the FIRST time:


    - MicroBlogging:·Tweet and Facebook from BrainSurface!

    - Real-Time Chat: Connect & benefit from the community!

    - Document Publishing: Publishing and Sharing knowledge

    - Blogging:·Community BlogSite for the Oracle, Java & MySQL communities

    - Discussions: Knowledge sharing through online conversations

    - Forumizing: Oracle Technologies Forum

    - Videos: Collaboration through Multimedia

    - Project Management

    - World Class Event Management

    - IT Job Board/Repository



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